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Mission, Vision, & Educational Philosophy

The mission of DHS is to provide an educational experience that will enable students to identify, chart the course to, pursue, and fulfill their life’s destiny via curriculum and instruction geared toward developing the “whole” person- mind, body, and spirit.


Destiny High School (DHS) is an independent Christian high school, which strives to educate the total person. Our engine for success is to empower students to achieve their lifelong destiny by beginning with the end in mind.  DHS is dedicated to empowering students so they can achieve academic excellence and ultimately fulfill their life’s destiny.  The graduates of DHS will become productive citizens and be prepared to succeed in college or in the workforce.


Our educational philosophy is built upon the premise that all students can achieve success with continuous effort, a strong support system, a sense of self efficacy, and quality resources.  We realize that students have multiple ways of making meaning and accept that they may arrive at that meaning at different paces.  We will put this philosophy into action as we work to implore the practices and ongoing assessments needed to foster quality teaching and learning.