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WIAA Div 4 State Champions - JSOnline Article

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WIAA Div 4 State Champions - Article

TrophyDestiny's size, length and depth wear down Darlington in D4 final


Playing against the Destiny basketball team is a difficult task.

The Eagles are loaded with size, length, athleticism an intense desire to win and a very respected coach in Branden Joseph.

But what really wears on opponents is the depth of the school located on the northwest side of Milwaukee.

Darlington found that out first hand during Saturday's WIAA Division 4 state championship game at the Kohl Center in Madison.

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Destiny is Headed to State Tournament in Madison

b-ballAfter defeating Howards Grove 70-58, Destiny (24-1) is headed for the State Tournament as the Number 1 Seed in Division 4 boys basketball.  They are scheduled to play Thursday night at 8:15pm against Roncalli (13-13) in the their semi-final matchup at Kohl Center in Madison.bball

Be sure to vote for Destiny to win the Division 4 State Title at WisSports by clicking here.



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DHS Boys Varsity Basketball Team Featured in Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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Mayor Barrett Stopped by DHS

Mayor BarrettMayor Barrett knows a good sports program when he sees it.  Mayor Barrett watched the game, and then took a few minutes with Varsity Coach B Joseph, Ladies Varsity Coach Dixon, Ms. Washington, superintendent; Mr. Campbell, assistant director of schools; and Mr. Nickson, DLHA.

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Forgiveness & Prayer: Even for Your Enemies

Hines at Chapel

Pastor Richard Hines addressed Destiny’s student body, explaining what real forgiveness is.  He used the Bible verse Matthew 18:22, where Jesus answered, “I tell you, not just seven times, but seventy-seven times!”  Mr. Hines said God wipes the slate clean each time we sin and repent.  He explained that we all must forgive everyone no matter what, if we expect the forgiveness of others and especially God.  Hines went on to point out that Matthew 5:44-45 says:   But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven…”  The message is that we not only forgive family and friends for what they do but even our enemies.  In fact, pray for your enemies as well as family and friends. 

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Spiritual Spotlight: Overcoming Disappointment


coach daveDestiny’s Minister of Education and Culture, David Beaver, told students that there are four things a person needs to do to overcome disappointment:  1. Know God’s path for you by reading the Bible, 2. Grieve and get the disappointment out of your system by crying or calling Jesus, 3. Pray, and 4. Listen for God’s direction.

Minister Beaver told of the many disappointments in his life and revealed that until he found his path in the Bible and went through these four steps with complete confidence in God, his disappointments led to depression.  He said when a person gets depressed, that person needs to go back to the root of that depression and he or she will find it is disappointment.

“God,” he said, “bring hope and joy to us.”  He told of the low we went through was just prior to the joy we would feel when God’s direction was realized.”

Destiny is a Christian high school that emphasizes a culture of Christian faith as a means to find and realize your destiny.  The mission is to provide an educational experience that will enable students to identify, hart the course to, and fulfill their life’s destiny via curriculum and instruction geared toward developing the “whole” person—mind, body, and spirit.

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Academic Spotlight: Emission Spectrum Lab

paquet biochem

Science is Ablazing!

‘Fires were once again burning in Mr. Paquet’s chemistry laboratory at Destiny High School. This time, the students were able to ignite different chemicals to explore their atomic emission spectra, which is when an element is burned, it gives off a unique color of light. Student were able to observe the spectra for iron, zinc, magnesium, and magnesium chloride. Mr. Paquet also entertained the students with a show of a chemical compound called thermite, which burns twice as hot as LAVA! As a result of this laboratory, students were able to see the different atomic qualities of elements using observations made with their own eyes.

Next week, students will be performing a similar lab, in which they will be comparing the emission spectrum of metal elements with those of nonmetals, in order to compare how metal and nonmetals have completely different atomic structure.

For more information, Mr. Paquet can be reached at

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Destiny’s Basketball Coach Nets his 100th Win

BJoeSince Coach Brandon Joseph, known as BJoe, came to Destiny seven year ago, he has compiled a record of 101-52.  This year he is coaching one of Destiny’s best teams yet, as the Boy's Varsity currently sits at 15-1 on the season.  With many of his seniors getting offers from Division 1 and Division 2 schools, there is plenty of talent contributing to the team's overall success - Terrance Banyard, Sarion McGee, and Cameron Posey are leading the scoring with Pierre Johnson and Deo Caldwell helping to facilitate the attack.

“Coaching is more than coaching basketball; it is coaching lives,” says Joseph.  “Our coaching staff wants to make sure kids are committed academically as well.”  We require a GPA of 2.0, and that keeps them motivated in the classroom and gives them their best shot at a college career. 

Looking forward, Coach Joseph hopes to see Destiny’s Varsity finishing out the year in Madison, but he also stresses the journey to get there is just as important.  Their next game is February 3rd.

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Enroll Now for the 2017-2018 School Year! DPI Logo

2017-2018 Enrollment Info

All students who are interested in applying for admission to Destiny High School for the 2017-2018 school year must complete an application with the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) if income eligible.  Applicants must submit their Choice applications during one of the 2017-2018 open application periods listed below. Please call the school with any further questions or concerns.

Click Here to be taken to the DPI application website. 

February 1-22

March 1-21

April 1-20

May 1-20

June 1-20

July 1-20

August 1-22

September 1-14

October 1-20

November 1-21

December 1- January 9

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